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A software consultancy of lead developers building applications at scale for startups and the world's largest companies.

We improve the way software is made and the lives of people who create it.

Initial Capacity is a team of developers that have spearheaded the cloud native revolution. We have built great software for hundreds of startups and enterprises internationally. In addition to building software, we teach developers and engineers across the world how to level up their software teams.

We value simplicity and know that quality arises out of incremental updates, rapid feedback, honest communication, and by fully embracing change. To build effective products, we constantly ask what is the right decision first and foremost for our customers — without losing sight of what's best for our team. We value working hard with integrity, learning continuously, giving back to the community, and having fun both at our desks and outdoors.

The first few weeks of a new codebase may just be the most important code you’ll write.

With decades of experience on what works (and doesn’t work), our team has aligned on a core set of values and software development practices.

Our Values

Our Practices

Build fast, reduce risk, iterate often

build learn run

In order to build great software, we believe in building and learning quickly so that we can iterate and continuously improve your product and reduce risk.

tech radar

Check out our Technology Radar for our opinions on emerging tech and to make informed development decisions.

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